Mini-Review: Barclay Prime

This review won’t consist of the full scale review that has become normal for phillyburgerquest.  Due to the mini size of the burger, I felt the need to keep the review short.   Puns are fun.

So I was already pumped to go to Barclay Prime for dinner a few days with Mrs. BurgerQuest before New Years Eve when it dawned on me: does Barclay Prime have a burger that is on my quest?  The answer; sort of.

Barclay Prime: Visit Stephen Starr’s swanky Barclay Prime test4for the dry-aged mini burgers made from New York strip, Kobe and ribeye, served on homemade rolls with a slather of Russian dressing and aged cheddar, plus a side of tater tots.

That’s what was on the list.  Other than the tater tots, that’s pretty much what we got.  I have nothing against sliders, but I feel that its too small a sample to judge.


Two come in an order sans the tater tots.  If this was a full burger I might have a bit easier time judging because of the sample size.  Here’s an abbreviated review by category:

Meat: The meat was pretty tasty.  I couldn’t tell a difference in the blend, but it was sure delicious.  A full burger would have been great.

Toppings: All I could taste is the cheese.  I couldn’t really if there was Russian dressing.  There were also some onions on it too, which you can tell from the picture.  They were nicely caramelized.


Bun: The roll was so-so.  Again, small sample size but it was great on the outside and a little more flaky on the inside than I like.

Presentation: It’s tough to judge this one because the sliders were a small part of the meal.  If I had to give this a score based on the sliders alone, I’d have to give it an incomplete.

Overall: The meal itself was great.  Stephen Starr’s formula rarely fails.  The inside decor is vibrant, the servers are very knowledgeable and took very good care of us.  I thought the ribeye that I had had a little too much gristle on it but other than that there wasn’t really a bad part.  If I had to give the sliders a score, I have to give it an N/A.  It’s too hard to give an overall score to something with such a small sample. I think Barclay should introduce a the same burger but in it’s big brother form so that I can enjoy and accurately judge it.  (Score: N/A)


Doesn’t that look worthy of a full burger?

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