This quest began as something that was long overdue.  I was cleaning out my email at work late on a Thursday night in December, 2012.  I came across an email that I had sent to my buds earlier that year (maybe March) containing a link from Uwishunu chronicling the best burgers that Philly had to offer:

Burger List from Uwishunu

I figured that since I love burgers and Philadelphia pretty much the same amount (read: a lot), this would be a great challenge to attempt.  Like most things in life however, I forgot about it and only re-discovered it when I decided to clean out my email and was curious about some emails I had sent.  Burgers and I have a special relationship.  I lived in NYC for 4 years which jump-started my love for burgers.  I’ve had a one night stand with the black label burger at Minetta Tavern, dated the White Label burger at Ai Fiori and was almost engaged to the burger at Peter Luger’s.  Now it’s time to re-discover something I love so much about Philadelphia and in the process judge each burger because well, whats the point of a challenge if you cannot judge?

In the process of this quest, I will be describing each experience (I believe life is about experiences) with witty commentary and luring pictures.  I hope that by the end of this quest I will have tasted some really great burgers and gone to the gym enough to counteract all the glorious calories I will be consuming.


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